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This blog is a recognition of the fact that I do not have the time or inclination to regularly update my website proper.  We have a lot of interesting things going on in the lab, from development of the Isotopx NGX to cutting edge (U-Th)/Ne measurements to pushing the boundaries of the Ar/Ar technique.  I resolve to post about those things here.

To begin, here is a quick example of some of the beautiful argon data we are pulling off of the ATONAs.  This is a big shot of air, about 6.6e-13 moles, but the argon-38 measurement on the axial Faraday is still pretty incredible.  The numbers are in equivalent 10^11 Ω Faraday volts, so multiply by 10 to get picoamps (or 10000 to get femtoamps if you’re used to Thermo software).

Trust me, the evolutions look great.
Argon multicollector measurement of 6.6e-13 moles of air on the Isotopx NGX at LDEO.

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